Rules and Regulations


– Unless a match or work bee is in progress the gate must be locked at all times.

– Only events sanctioned by the Executive Team can close the range to members.

– The flag at the gate and the appropriate flags at the range you choose to shoot at must be utilized.

– All members must sign in before using range. No exceptions.

– Member identification card must be on your person at all times.


– All members are safety officers and must address any rule infractions and inform the Executive Team.

– If there are multiple shooters, a range officer must be appointed and obeyed

– All shooters, guests, & spectators must wear HEARING and EYE protection at all times while on the range.

– Muzzle direction must be in a safe direction and/or downrange at all times.  If there are people down range, firearms must be stored upright in a Rack (provided)

– No handling of firearms when there are people downrange.

– When a cease-fire is called in order for person(s) to go down range, the range flag is to be swapped from RED to GREEN.  Only the last person to return from down range can raise the REG flag, showing that the range is ready for the Range Officer continue with normal operation of the range.

– Drugs and alcohol are expressly forbidden.

Approved Targets:

– The only approved targets are paper, clay, cardboard, and wood. Absolutely no bottles, cans, plastic or rocks on the hillside. Absolutely no Tannerite or Explosive Targets

– Targets must be elevated so that ONLY THE BACKSTOP dirt is visible below and behind the target from the shooting position’s line of sight.  All targets need to be elevated off of the ground, and must be located in front of a Man Made backstop.

– No steel targets are allowed at this time, due to lead remediation issues caused by fragments.

– Target frames, support posts, cross members, and gong chains are NOT targets, or backdrops for same.

– Please contact the Executive Team if you have questions about what does and does not make a suitable target.

Rifle Range:

–  Only .338LP or smaller, NO .50BMG

– No Steel Core ammunition allowed (example: Surplus 7.62×39 commonly purchased for SKS rifles).

– Pistols are allowed on the rifle range, however they must be shot from behind the firing line.

Pistol Range:

– Only handguns/pistols allowed.  Rifle calibre pistols must be shot from the rifle range.


– Use of shotguns will not be permitted under any circumstances.  This is a condition of our use of the property and can not be appealed.


– While we encourage guests, members abusing this right will have their membership revoked. (Example:  Continuously bringing the same guest(s) in order to avoid purchasing additional memberships).

– Members are limited to 10 guests per year, with a maximum of 2 guests per visit.

– Guests must be under the direct supervision of their sponsor member at all times.  Guests must sign into the guest-book, leaving their Full Name (for insurance purposes) and the membership number of their sponsor member.  There is a charge of $10 per guest, per visit, to provide insurance for the guest.  The fee can be left in the lock box near the rifle bench shelter.

Range Etiquette:

– Clean up your own garbage, including paper/cardboard targets utilized.

– Pick up all brass. Pails are supplied at each bench for brass disposal.

– If you see something that needs to be changed, cleaned, or repaired, inform the Executive Team.


Any violation of the above rules are grounds for revocation of your membership by the Executive Team.